Casino City Press Releases 2018 India Game Industry Report

Casino City Press today released the 2018 edition of Casino City’s India Gaming Industry Report, the most comprehensive and latest study on Indian gaming, written by Dr. Alan Meister, CEO and chief economist of Meister Economic Consulting, LLC, which has conducted extensive research and analysis on Indian gaming issues over the past 18 years.

Dr. Meister emphasizes, “On a national basis, the growth of Indian gaming has been somewhat slower than the previous year, but it has outpaced not only the economy but also other casino gaming sectors. Both bode well. And the much faster growth in non-gaming revenue is impressive. All of this is a testament to the ongoing evolution of Indian gaming.”

The report provides national and state statistics for the 2016 calendar (the latter is not available elsewhere), including gaming and non-gaming revenue, Class II versus Class III games, number of facilities, shortages, game consoles and table games, and revenue sharing with federal, state, and local governments. The report also includes weekly comparisons, weekly market summaries, historical perspectives and trends, recent performance evaluations of Indian games, comparisons with other gaming segments, analysis of the economic impact of Indian games on the U.S. economy, potential growth opportunities, and challenges. 슬롯머신

Casino City’s India Gaming Industry Report relies on the gaming industry, other related industries, tribal and non-tribal governments, gaming regulators, investment communities, academia, gaming consultants, and news media. As in previous years, the report is still the product of independent academic research. Neither Dr. Meister nor Meister Economic Consulting nor Casino City have been commissioned to write.

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