Ohtani, who burst into mourning, followed by a dog and a cat, is the talk of the town, ‘As expected, it’s hot!’… 650 billion butler in front of him

Ohtani became the star of the 2023 Edgar Martinez Awards announced by MLBcom on the day. The award, which was made after Seattle Mariners legend Edgar Martinez who was inducted into the Hall of Fame, is given to the best designated hitter in a season. Martinez, who officially opened the era of designated hitter legend, posted an outstanding batting average of 0.312 to 309 with 1,261 RBIs, 1,219 runs scored, and an OPS of 0.933.

The designated hitter system was introduced in the American League in 1973, and the name was changed to Martinez’s retirement in 2004. Starting in 2022, both leagues have designated hitter systems, opening the door to National League players. Only when they play at least 100 at-bats as designated hitters can they be nominated. 토토사이트

Ohtani was named the winner for the third consecutive year starting in 2021. Only David Ortiz (eight times) and Martinez (five times) and Hal McRae (three times) and Ohtani (four times) have received the Edgar Martinez Award more than three times in a row. Ortiz (2003-2007) and Ohtani are the only players who received the award for the third consecutive year.

This year, Ohtani had a batting average of 0.304 in 135 games, 44 homers, 95 RBIs, 102 runs, 20 stolen bases, and a slugging percentage of 0.412 OPS 1.066. He also acquired the title of homerun king of the American League for the first time in the 2021 season, which he narrowly missed by ranking first and two homers (46 homers). He was named the All-Star and also acquired Silver Slugger, the designated hitter of the American League. He was also the second player to win the American League MVP award following 2021. Ohtani was the first player in the history of the Major League to win the MVP in a unanimous vote twice.

As a result, Ohtani, who became a free agent after the end of the season, became the best off-season sale. In the U.S., the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the San Francisco Giants, the New York Mets, and the Boston Red Sox are considered potential recruitment candidates. Some even predict that he will sign a long-term contract worth more than 500 million dollars.

Ohtani’s award was not the only topic of conversation. A black object was seen moving behind Ohtani’s back as he was expressing his acceptance speech through the video. It was a cat. The cat that came in through the door immediately headed to Ohtani’s side, and when he noticed, he stopped presenting his speech and smiled. When he brought the cat back, Ohtani touched his face with his left hand, and the cat extended its right arm to say hello to Ohtani.

The video instantly became a hot topic of conversation. The video clip, which was uploaded on the Major League’s official social media website, received more than 1.1 million views in just 10 hours. Some of the respondents said, “He really loves animals,” “He’s a warm person,” and “I see Aura.” Some even wrote interesting comments predicting Ohtani’s destination, saying, “The cat is black, but Atlanta’s stadium turns dark when it replaces its pitcher.”

Ohtani was also a hot topic of conversation as a puppy. Ohtani, who was named the MVP of the American League announced by the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA) in mid-April, expressed his feelings through video interviews. At that time, he had an interview with his pet dog. Japanese media outlets Chunichi Sports and Full Count posted various reactions from fans watching the footage. Many fans commented, “That dog is so cute,” “Ohtani had a dog?” “This is the first dog that gave a high-five with a unanimous MVP in the Major League,” and “I want to be that dog.”

USA Today reported that the true hero of the MVP announcement was not Ohtani, but his pet dog on the sofa. We need to talk about the adorable dog.” “If the team that recruits Ohtani from the free agent (FA) market this winter is going to hug this dog as well,” said KGET TV, a California-based broadcaster.

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