Did we forget about Kim Tae-gun’s pain?

너무 공격적이었던 김민식의 협상 전략, 4년 전 김태군 아픔 잊었을까

Did we forget about Kim Tae-gun’s pain?

Free agent catcher Kim Min-sik is in crisis. The guaranteed drop in his salary has become obvious. It’s a case of being too greedy and meeting an unexpected reef.

SSG Landers announced a sign-and-trade with the Kiwoom Heroes on the 12th. They acquired free agent catcher Lee Ji-young. It was a surprise news that no one expected.

SSG had been negotiating with Kim “House Rabbit” Min-sik. There was no reason for SSG to sign Lee Ji-young if they were pushing for Kim Min-sik.

So what was the significance of signing Lee Ji-young? It was to completely change the direction of negotiations with Kim Min-sik. There’s still a chance that they could join hands if he’s willing to accept a much lower offer, but it’s unlikely that he would. It’s a scenario that could happen if the market is truly desperate for a last-place team.

We don’t know 100% of the details of the negotiations between the two sides, and there could be differences in their positions. However, 카지노사이트 the current situation seems to be a result of a poor negotiation strategy on Kim Min-sik’s part.

SSG won the overall title in the 2022 season.

To honor Kim Min-sik, a catcher who contributed to the championship, they offered him a multi-year non-free agent contract totaling 2.5 billion won. However, Kim Min-sik, who dreamed of becoming a free agent, refused.

And he became a free agent. SSG, which had parted ways with Lee Jae-won and Lee Heung-ryeon without a solid starting catcher, needed Kim Min-sik. It seems that Kim Min-sik was too relieved and let his guard down in this situation. He reportedly stood his ground until the end of the year, refusing to budge on the clubs’ offers and terms. Given the composition of each team’s catching staff and the number of catchers on the market, he may have thought he had no choice if SSG didn’t get him.

However, with the need to finalize their roster as soon as possible, SSG had no choice but to activate Plan B: Lee Ji-young. She was a free agent, but her B-grade compensation made her less popular in the market. However, her ability was clear. The two sides pulled off a stunt called a sign-and-trade. Kim Min-sik didn’t notice the move at all.

There is a similar, if not exactly the same, case.

This is the case of Kim Tae-gun (KIA) before the 2020 season. As a first-time free agent, Kim was a hot commodity in a market where catchers were scarce. In fact, it was widely rumored in the baseball world that the Lotte Giants, who were looking for a catcher, made a very large offer. However, a confident Kim Tae-gun declined the offer, and fellow free agent Lee Ji-young chose to stay with the Kiwoom Heroes as the first free agent at the time. It was not unreasonable to expect that her value would increase.

But then this happened. Lotte pulled out of the market, acquiring Ji-sung-jun in a trade from the Hanwha Eagles. Kim Tae-gun had nowhere to go. Elemental team NC Dinos had Yang “Iron Wall” Ji. There was no need for NC to give Kim a starter’s contract. 바카라사이트 He had to cry and eat mustard to sign a four-year, 1.3 billion won maximum contract. The good news is that he didn’t let it get him down and worked hard at baseball, eventually signing a three-year, 2.5 billion won non-free agent contract with the KIA Tigers this offseason. What does the future hold for Kim Min-sik?

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