Oh Seung-hwan will finish his career at Samsung in style

You start your day by pulling out your smartphone and catching up on baseball news. The first thing I look for are articles about the Samsung Lions. Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of articles about Oh Seung-hwan. The main story is that he’s stalled in his free agent negotiations with Samsung.

A free agent contract is an investment in future value, not a reward for the past. It’s no wonder that there is a difference of opinion between the club and Oh Seung-hwan. We don’t know exactly what the clubs are offering and what Seung-hwan wants, but it’s clear that Samsung needs him.

Samsung has been trying to bolster its bullpen by signing free agent pitchers Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min, but there is a difference between having Oh and not having him. While he’s not quite as dominant as he was in his prime, 안전놀이터 when he unleashed a 150+ mph fastball, he still has the ability to overpower hitters. His velocity is down from his peak, but he’s got a new weapon in his arsenal called the Guan Rok.

People say. Oh Seung-hwan isn’t the same.

Last year, he was heavily criticized and still managed to get 30 saves. Considering the team finished eighth in the final standings, that’s quite a feat.

The best thing I know about Oh is that he’s consistent. He hasn’t changed since I first saw him in 2007. Playing baseball, so to speak, can put a chip on your shoulder, but he is an exception. His attitude toward baseball, his constant striving to improve, and his warm heart are still the same. He is a rare case in Korean baseball, where there are many players with star disease. It’s strange and gratifying.

It’s a shame that the Samsung players who led the dynasty are leaving the team one by one. We can’t always be together, but Samsung’s great team colors should be passed on to the younger generation by those who have been with the team for a long time, but it’s starting to fade. This is the biggest reason why Oh Seung-hwan, who understands the team culture better than anyone else and has a strong sense of pride, should be a Samsung man forever.

As Samsung and Oh Seung-hwan’s free agency negotiations dragged on

Some fans speculated that Oh Seung-hwan was asking for too much. Since the implementation of the salary cap system, clubs cannot grant all of a player’s demands. The smart Oh Seung-hwan is well aware of this.

It’s worth asking yourself if the club has been neglecting him because they’ve been so focused on signing outside free agents like Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min. Players with great love for the team shouldn’t be treated like long-term smartphone subscribers.

Looking back on my career, I was happiest when I played for Samsung. Like Han, he was not able to retire from Samsung. I hope that Oh Seung-hwan will finish his career with Samsung in style and become the first pitcher to receive a permanent number.

Tae-in Chae made his KBO debut in 2007 as an overseas special assignment and played for Samsung, Nexen, Lotte, and SK. In his career, he played in 1241 games, 파워볼실시간 batting .299 with 1162 hits, 127 home runs, 678 RBIs, and 481 runs scored. After retiring from the game, he became an amateur coach and now runs his own baseball school in Busan.

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