“Did you get stabbed in the home run ceremony?” Garcia exploded at 159km of fire shot…Bench clearing

In the bottom of the eighth inning, when he was facing a tight race while maintaining a two-run gap. Bench clearing occurred. Leading hitter Carter walked to base. The next batter, Garcia, was very angry after being hit on the left forearm by opposing pitcher Brian Abreu’s 98.9-mile (about 159km/h) fastball. Garcia immediately jumped at catcher Maldonado. Definitely protesting against empty balls.

Maldonado did not confront the angry Garcia and responded calmly with an expression of “no intention,” but the bench-clearing took place anyway as the two players faced off. Houston was trailing by two points, and there were more opinions that it was not in a situation where an empty ball would come out because Garcia would be chased to first and second bases with no outs if he sent him to a dune, but it happened anyway. 슬롯머신

Steven J. Nesbitt, a reporter for The Athletic, a U.S. sports media outlet, said, “The possibility of throwing a B-ball with Abreu is about 0.25%. However, he will be sent off.”

The judges gathered and talked after the bench-clearing situation was settled. Houston declared the departure of pitcher Abreu, and manager Dusty Baker was sent off after protesting against the referee’s rejection. Coach Baker sat in the coach’s seat until the end and expressed dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision to leave, but eventually stepped out of the dugout due to the persuasion of the referees and Houston coaches. In Texas, Garcia, who had a quarrel first, was sent off.

Texas manager Bruce Bochy expressed dissatisfaction with the bench-clearing situation after the game. It was read as a complaint about Baker’s delay by staying on the bench during the referee’s exit. Texas was able to draw more additional points by taking advantage of the opportunity with no outs and runners on first and second bases, which meant that it could not do so due to a time delay. Taveras grounded out to first baseman and Young and Lowe struck out, wasting an opportunity to score extra points in vainly.

Bochy said, “To be honest, it took too long (to resume the game). The whole thing was a real mess. Who knows what the intention was to drag it out. But this is not the first time this has happened,” he said.

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