“I can do it like Dedrick Lawson,” says Hyundai Mobis key player Aluma

Aluma is getting ready for his return.

The Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Phoebus, who are training in Japan, won 112-81 in a scrimmage against Earth Friends Tokyo Z at Karutsu Kawasaki Gymnasium on Nov. 27.

The Hyundai Mobis 카지노사이트 won 34 games in the regular season last season as Gage Prim exceeded expectations. However, the team was disappointed with the lack of partners to pair with Prim.

In response, Hyundai Mobis made a concerted effort to bring in a new foreign player and succeeded in signing Kebe Aluma. The 206-centimeter long forward played in the Japanese B.League last season and was a resource that Hyundai Mobis had been interested in for some time.

“I’m not playing with Gage Prime right now, but the teamwork between the players is slowly coming together. I have a good feeling about it,” Aluma said of the training camp.

“We had a lot of bad experiences last year. We lost a lot, but this year, I feel like we’re going to have a lot of good things happen to us at Hyundai Mobis. I lost a lot last year, but I feel like I can win a lot when I come to Hyundai Mobis, so I chose this team after looking at many things.”

Aluma, as he was known, was a versatile player. He could attack both inside and outside, and had a good mix of athleticism, range, and shooting ability. In the game without Gage Primm, he played just 17 minutes to adjust his minutes, scoring 11 points and dishing out five assists.

“Coach has given me a lot of freedom and I’m playing the kind of basketball I want to play, but I’m still trying to find a balance. I’m trying to get a little bit of both, and not just focus on the outside or the inside.”

When asked about Hyundai Mobis’ team colors, which are a mix of veterans and young players, he said, “There is a good synergy between the veterans and young players. The veterans can bring experience and the up-and-comers can show off their energy. I think the combination of the two can create a really good synergy, and that’s why I really like this team composition.”

Aluma played for Nikata Albirex in the B.League last season. As the saying goes, yesterday’s teammate is today’s enemy, and he’ll be facing off against 210cm Kofi Coburn in Korea, who he played with at Nikata.

“I think it’s going to be really tough against Kofi Coburn (laughs), he’s a big, tough player. It’s going to be tough and demanding, but it’s also a matchup I’m looking forward to.”

Like Coburn, there are many foreign players in the KBL who can bring a certain strength to the table from the inside. How does Aluma see himself playing in the KBL, where there are so many different types of foreign players? He uses the example of Dedrick Lawson, who really came into his own last season as a one-option forward. Both are thin-framed forwards who can play inside or outside.

“We’re going to try to attack from a variety of routes and not be too one-dimensional,” Aluma said. I’ve heard a lot of talk about Dedrick Lawson, although I know that players who dominate the paint zone are the preferred style of many KBL teams. I’m confident that I can do what he did, and he did a good job last year as a 1-option. I think I can do what Lawson did if I try hard enough,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Mobis’ latest No. 2 pick, Park Moo-bin, also took the court in the match. Aluma praised Park’s passing ability.

“We didn’t play much together today, so I don’t have a full picture yet. But from the outside, his passing was great and his timing and shooting were accurate, so I’m looking forward to playing with him,” he said with a smile.

In conclusion, Aluma said: “Last year, the team stopped in the quarterfinals, so I’m aiming to go higher. I know the fans expect a lot from me and if they support me, I will do my best to repay them,” he concluded with a message to the fans along with his goals for the season.

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