‘Park Sung-jin with 7 points, Jung Yerim with 8 rebounds’ South Korea defeats Maldives… 1st place in Group D in sight

South Korea defeated the Maldives with a strong performance from Park Sung-jin (185 cm, C). They took a commanding lead in Group D.

The Republic of Korea Women’s 3X3 Basketball Team (ROK) defeated the Maldives 17-5 on Sunday at DQ Court in Hangzhou, China, in the Women’s Basketball 3X3 Group D preliminary round of the 현금홀덤사이트 Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games. They got off to a fast start with two straight wins.

Park Sung-jin led the way with seven points, five rebounds and one blocked shot. She showed her power under the basket. Jung Yerim (175 cm, G), who played the longest, also did her part with four points, eight rebounds, and one blocked shot. Lee Da-yeon (175 cm, F) and Lim Kyu-ri (183 cm, F) also combined for six points.

Korea opened the scoring with a basket from Park Sung-jin, and then took control with consecutive baskets from Lim Kyu-ri, Park Sung-jin, and Jung Yerim. The strong defense kept the Maldives from shooting and forced turnovers.

Korea scored more points through steals and paint-zone scoring than from outside shots. Lee Da-yeon also added to the scoring with her aggressive play.

The Maldives were unable to penetrate Korea’s defense. Their outside shots missed the rim repeatedly, and it was hard to get into the paint zone.

Lee Da-yeon’s free throws gave Korea a double-digit lead (14-4) with 1:55 left in the game. With the victory in hand, Korea settled down to finish the game without any changes.

South Korea will play their final Group D game against Malaysia at the same venue on Nov. 29.

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