KCC legend Lee Sang-min returns to coach: “I’m back because it’s KCC”

Coach Lee Sang-min will vitalize KCC.

Coach Lee Sang-min is a legend of Jeonju KCC. After graduating from Yonsei University, he played an active role as the ace of the team of Daejeon Hyundai, the predecessor of KCC, and continued his own performance in KCC. He only played for 12 years at KCC. However, he went through a trade to 카지노사이트 Seoul Samsung and continued his career with Samsung even after he retired.

However, he returned to KCC this off-season. This time as a coach. Coach Lee, who joined KCC’s Super Team, is getting a lot of attention.

Coach Lee, who I met at Taebaek Field Training, said, “I adapted quickly to the team. He’s known a lot of players and has known coach Jeon Chang-jin for a long time. I’m also very familiar with the KCC club itself. So the adjustment wasn’t a big problem. I’ve done the coaching myself in the past. So there was no difficulty,” he said.

Then he said when he was asked about the role of this coach, “It’s to support my role. That doesn’t mean there’s little responsibility. I’m trying to listen to the director’s responsibility. It helps the players understand and melt into the coach’s thoughts. Coach can’t see all the players. So you need a coach. I’m looking at the players a little finer.”

KCC’s weakest position is point guard. Although Lee Ho-hyeon (184cm, G) has been hired, it is estimated that he is weak compared to other champions.

Coach Lee, however, is a legendary point guard in Korean history and the second-largest player in the KBL. That’s gonna be a big help to the KCC guard team. Coach Lee said, “There’s an evaluation that our team’s guards are weak. So I’m looking closer. Time and match assembly will highlight the players. There are things I don’t have, but there are things I’m good at. I’m trying to save where I’m good and correct where I’m not good. I hope good results come out,” he added.

Although I returned to KCC after a long time, my love for KCC was still the same. Coach Lee said, “If it were another team, I wouldn’t have taken care of it. But I came back because it was KCC. I want to get good results as a coach. This kind of greed is great,” he said.

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