Kim Dong-sung, don’t give me 8,000 child support. Let’s get sued…”A 父 needs to live to raise children”

Kim Dong-sung, a former short track skater whose personal information was released on “Bad Fathers” for not paying his ex-wife for two children, was prosecuted. Kim Dong-sung reportedly explained that he can only pay child support if his livelihood is stabilized.

According to the Women’s Newspaper on the 11th, Kim Dong-sung’s ex-wife Oh filed a complaint with the Yongin Eastern Police Station in Gyeonggi Province on November 29 last year for violating the Act on the Security and Support of Child Support.

According to the complaint, Oh reportedly failed to receive 80.1 million won in child support from 2018 when he divorced Kim Dong-sung to October last year. Oh said, “I did not receive most of the child support while raising my children, and Kim Dong-sung did not negotiate for an interview, so I did not fulfill my responsibility to raise my children enough to learn about my father’s status through YouTube.”

“We cannot pay child support because we have more debts than income,” Kim Dong-sung said. “It’s only been a year since I started working, and how can I pay child support?” Kim’s new wife, People’s Jung, said. “If a child’s father lives alone, he can raise his children. Every problem will be solved once he lives.”

Regarding not meeting the two children, he explained, “There are many misunderstandings about Kim Dong-sung through the media, and I don’t want to show the children working at the construction site,” and added, “I hope Oh meets after resolving the misunderstanding about Kim Dong-sung.” 슬롯머신

Kim Dong-sung is known to make profits through daily jobs at construction sites and short track lessons. He is also working as a YouTuber with his wife, People’s Jung, but is said to be donating all the profits generated from YouTube.

People’s Jung said, “We decided to donate all profits generated by video to the proposal of the representative of the production company in charge of YouTube operation. We don’t know how much profit we’re making because he has all the authority.”

Kim Dong-sung married Oh in 2004 but divorced in 2018. Although the family court decided to pay Oh 1.5 million won per child until the day his two children reach adulthood, Kim Dong-sung failed to pay 15 million won in child support and was listed on Bad Fathers, a website that discloses the identity of the non-payer.

Kim Dong-sung applied to the court to reduce child support, saying his income had decreased, and the court accepted it in November 2021 and ordered him to pay KRW 1.6 million in child support per month, 800,000 won per child. However, Kim Dong-sung also failed to pay child support once again, so he was listed on the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family’s website as a “defaulter of child support debt” in 2022.

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