Legendary Park Ji-sung, who Kim Min-jae is proud of, said, “Korean player got rid of side + striker.”

This signaled a new opportunity for Korean players to advance to the European leagues. In an interview held right after the 12th JS Foundation talent donation ceremony held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on Wednesday, Park praised Korean players from all over Europe, highlighting Kim Min-jae’s joining in Bayern Munich.

Park Ji-sung served as the chairman of the JS Foundation and delivered the scholarship. The JS Foundation Talent Student Fund Delivery Ceremony, which began in 2012, is a lifelong business that Park Ji-sung always takes care of despite the COVID-19. This year, 23 elementary, middle and high school students who stand out in other fields such as academics, violins, and computers, as well as sports such as soccer, swimming, ice skating, and handball, received awards from superstar Park Ji-sung, raising their future.

After the award ceremony, Park expressed high expectations for his junior teammates of the Korean national team, expressing his expectations for the Asian Cup title just a month away. When asked about Kim Min-jae, Park hinted that his move to Munich means a lot.

Kim Min-jae moved to Italy’s Serie A Napoli in the summer of 2022. His transfer effect was great. This is because Napoli played a key role in securing the regular league trophy for the first time in 33 years since Diego Maradona’s days by keeping the team’s defense line firmly.

Kim Min-jae’s price soared in tandem with his stellar performance at the Qatar World Cup, and he settled with Bayern Munich, Germany’s most prestigious and world-class powerhouse, for 50 million euros (73 billion won) in transfer fee this summer. He also made a soft landing in the early stages of his career in Munich, and is slowly winning the competition to become a starting pitcher. Due to a series of injuries to other center backs, he has not been able to take a break and has been pushing ahead with his team. 메이저 토토사이트

Park Ji-sung, the “happiest player,” is also happy to see such a young player. Park also welcomes a Korean player as a starting player for one of the world’s top teams as a central defender who is not likely to succeed in Europe. Park Ji-sung recently visited various places to encourage his juniors in European leagues and also visited Munich.

“Kim Min-jae proved too clearly that ‘Korean players can demonstrate their abilities in all positions, and even if Korean players advance to Europe in all positions,'” he said. “I think Kim Min-jae proved that Korean players can perform well in Europe across all positions, not limited to attack-oriented positions and sides.”

“I love it. I think many players can have hope,” Park said. “Kim Min-jae’s success path will be a catalyst for Korean players in various positions, including center back, to move to Europe.” When looking at Korean players’ advance to Europe, side strikers and full-back positions have often used speed, and center midfielders have recently moved to Europe.

However, there are few cases in which a center-back advances to the league except for Hong Jeong-ho (formerly known as Augsburg) due to communication with teammates and pressure to deal with world-class strikers. Kim Min-jae is changing that. With excellent speed and good attack ability, he has been a great contributor not only to Napoli but also to Bayern Munich. Park Ji-sung also recognized this and gave compliments.

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