Simeone’s crush continues…Lee Kang-in, the possibility of returning to “shock” La Liga appears → “I’m not enjoying PSG life.”

Spain’s “Todo Pichaas” reported on the 1st (Korea time) that “Lee Kang-in is in the market. Atletico and other La Liga clubs want to lease Lee Kang-in.” Lee Kang-in joined PSG in the transfer market last summer. The possibility of a loan transfer appeared again after just a few months.

Lee Kang-in has consistently been appointed as a starting pitcher at PSG, except during his injury periods. Manager Luis Enrique displayed faith in Lee Kang-in’s talent by starting the game regardless of whether he was attacking or in the midfield. In the last match against Mes, he finished the first half in a good mood by scoring help.

However, Lee Kang-in’s interest in La Liga did not stop. Lee Kang-in is a resource that has already been active in La Liga in the 2022-2023 season, scoring six goals and six assists. There is no need for verification in La Liga.

Atletico, which appeared as a candidate for recruitment, was also the club that wanted Lee Kang-in the most before PSG joined the recruitment competition last summer. There was also a steady news that Diego Simeone wanted Lee Kang-in. However, Atletico, which could not make a big investment, lost its competition with PSG.

Todo Pichaheds said, “Lee Kang-in is not enjoying PSG life and is completely dependent on Enrique’s plans. Given that PSG has many talented strikers, Lee Kang-in can consider transferring to La Liga in January.” 무료 슬롯

“Coach Simeone, who cannot replace Yannick Carrasco due to Thomas Lema’s injury, will welcome the second half of the season through the recruitment of Lee Kang-in. In addition, Sevilla and Villarreal are also interested in Lee Kang-in,” he said, explaining that several clubs, led by Atletico, expressed interest in leasing.

PSG Planet, which delivers PSG news, evaluated PSG’s situation, saying, “Lee Kang-in may aim to extend his playing time further, but from PSG’s point of view, Lee Kang-in’s transfer is likely to be excluded from the discussion.”

If Enrique maintains his faith in Lee Kang-in at PSG, the possibility of a transfer is not high. However, if La Liga clubs actively court and PSG’s fierce competition for the starting lineup continues, the situation could change. Whether Spanish teams’ interest in Lee Kang-in can lead to direct proposals is expected to be a major factor in the winter transfer market.

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