Siouxsie girls’ volleyball ‘spikes back to normal’ at Superintendent’s Cup

Suwon Suil Girls’ Middle School (Principal Ko Eun-hee) won the girls’ middle school title at the 2024 Gyeonggi-do Superintendent’s Volleyball Tournament and the 53rd National Youth Sports Games.

Suil Women’s Middle School won the girls’ middle school final on the final day of the tournament at Hanbom High School Gymnasium in Suwon on July 7, thanks to the performance of the Shin Eun-an-Kim Tae-kyung “duo” and a 2-1 (19-25 25-16 15-8) victory over Ansan Wongok Middle School, which was split between Eom Min-seo and 메이저 토토사이트 Kim Do-yeon.

In the first set, Suil Yeo-joong led 5-10 in the first set as Won Gok-joong shook the defense with her strong serve. Afterward, Shin Eun-an and Kim Tae-kyung’s attacks brought the score to 11-12, but the opponents’ attacks from Eo Min-seo and Kim Do-yeon were unable to stop them, and the score gap widened again and the first set was lost.

In the second set, Suil Women’s College took an early 8-3 lead thanks to Shin Eun-an’s attack, but the team’s reception faltered again and they fell behind 9-8. To make matters worse, Kim Tae-kyung sprained her ankle and was unable to attack normally, but Shin Eun-ahn connected on a ball distribution from Lee Hae-yoon to win the set.

After turning the tide in the third set, Suil Women’s College took a 3-1 lead with an attack point from Shin Eun-an and back-to-back service points from Lee Hae-yoon, and then, at 5-3, Shin Eun-an scored five consecutive service points to go up 10-3.

Meanwhile, Hwaseong Namyangcho swept aside Gunpo Yangjeongcho 2-0 (25-19 25-19) to win the men’s championship, while Suwon Pajangcho swept Ansan Seocho 2-0 (25-22 25-20) to win the women’s championship.

In the South Central final, Anyang Yeonhyeonjoong won the title with a 2-1 (25-12 23-25 15-10) victory over Hwaseong Songsanjoong after a close full-set match.

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