Son Heung-min wrote ’11th Premier League milestone’ through bad luck twice in the goalpost

Son Heung-min of Tottenham in the English Premier League broke the bad luck of hitting the goalpost twice and set a milestone of double-digit scores for seven consecutive seasons.
It is a milestone achieved by only 11 players since its launch in 1992, and the league’s career score is also on par with the idol Ronaldo, proving to be a “special goal scorer.”
I’m reporter Choi Hyungkyu.

Tottenham gave up three goals in 15 minutes. 바카라사이트넷

Son Heung-min also cheered up after his best friend Kane’s comeback goal, but he was not lucky.

Son Heung-min, who hit the ground in the 44th minute of the first half with a left-footed shot hitting the left post and a right-footed shot hitting the right post in the 9th minute of the second half, paid off in the 32nd minute of the second half.

Son Heung-min, who took a one-on-one opportunity with exquisite movement and soft ball control, scored his 10th goal in the league this season with an accurate right-footed shot.

“After 14 goals in 2016, he became a ‘player who scored more than 10 goals for 7 consecutive seasons’, and only 11 players, including Son Heung-min, have this record in 31 years of Premier League history.”

Son Heung-min, who was also on par with idol Ronaldo with 103 goals in the league, seemed to save the team from a crisis by helping to score an equalizer in the extra time of the second half.

“However, Tottenham, which gave up the reversal due to a ridiculous mistake just before the end, fell to sixth place in the league, and the gap with fourth place widened to nine points, away from the Champions League ticket given to fourth place.」

Kim Min-jae of Naples, Italy, who could confirm his first league title in 33 years if he won, unfortunately tied 1-1, delaying the victory to the next game.

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