Strong Man City…”Do you want to recruit? Bring 43 billion won.”

“Manchester City will find it difficult for Barcelona to be accompanied by Cancelo,” Spanish media Sport said on Monday (Korea time). João Cancelo was once the centerpiece of Manchester City’s strategy under Pep Guardiola. Despite being a defender, he displayed outstanding capabilities in dribbling and shooting. His kick was so good that he even took charge of a free kicker. One of his strengths was that he could be seen as both left and right.

Early last season was not bad either. However, his form deteriorated after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, losing his position to Nathan Ake. At the same time, rumors spread that he and Guardiola were having a disagreement. It was a matter of playing time.

Finally, Cancelo moved to Bayern Munich on loan during the season. During his short loan spell, he gave up six assists. However, Bayern dropped out of the league due to the high transfer fee. 토토사이트 순위

He went back to Manchester City, but he fell out with Guardiola completely. In addition, the team was in the best mood when it achieved a treble last season. There was no place for Cancelo because the player base was also thick.

Ahead of the season, Cancelo opted to transfer to Barcelona. The team was successful in making the decision. It became the starting defender of the season with 21 goals and two assists. His performance is also good. According to Football statistics magazine Foot Mob, La Liga has an average rating of 7.55.

Both the team and the players want a complete transfer due to good performance. However, Barcelona’s financial condition is a stumbling block. Barcelona’s finances have collapsed in recent years due to management problems and inconsistent recruitment of players.

According to Sport, Manchester City is only willing to negotiate an offer for Cancelo that exceeds 30 million euros (about W43 billion). Barcelona is also looking to sign João Félix completely. Neither player has sufficient financial resources to fully recruit.

Still, the situation is not so bad. The media reported that the transfer fee is quite high given Barcelona’s sensitive financial situation. However, it could spark controversy as Barcelona has recently provided stability and capability in the position of right-back, which is called the “cursed position.”

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