Cho Sang-woo’s comeback, Ko Woo-seok’s chances of going to ML, Kim Jae-yoon’s transfer to FA, Oh Seung-hwan’s in limbo…SV game in 2024 is also “Interesting”

Seo Jin-yong (SSG Landers) was the strongest finisher in this season. He had five wins, four losses, 42 saves and an ERA of 2.59 in 69 games. He had played as a setup man and finisher for a long time, but was always lacking 2 percent. However, this year, Seo was quite a stable closure.

Kim Jae-yoon (KT Wiz, 32 saves), Oh Seung-hwan (FA), and Kim Won-joong (Lotte Giants, 30 saves) achieved 30 saves. On the other hand, Ko Woo-seok (LG Twins), who was practically the best finisher for the past two to three years, slowed down with a 3.68 ERA with three wins, eight losses and 15 saves in 44 games this year.

From a cool-headed perspective, there was no overwhelming finish in the KBO League this season. Among the 11 pitchers with more than 10 saves, Lim Chang-min (FA) had the lowest ERA with 2.51. However, Lim Chang-min, 38, tends to play according to his strategy and plan rather than his ball power. 메이저 토토사이트

The landscape of saves in the 2024 season could change drastically. This is because individual status and team environment are showing signs of change. First of all, Cho Sang-woo (Kium Heroes) returned after a two-year hiatus. He did not play baseball while serving as a social worker. His arms, which had been highly tired for years, will likely be fresh and fresh.

While Cho Sang-woo served as a social worker, Kim Jae-woong was the pitcher with the best ball power in the Kiwoom bullpen. Attention is focusing on how Kiwoom will maintain its eighth to ninth innings next year. This team has traditionally used its best bullpen pitcher in the sixth to eighth innings instead of the ninth. On the other hand, Lim Chang-min, who finished this year, became a free agent. Rumors have it that he is connected to the Samsung Lions.

Ko is posting messages in the Major League. If he signs a contract by April 4, he will not be able to be seen in the KBO League from next year. On the other hand, if he stays at LG, he will seek to become the “save king” again. Players themselves are known to have strong dreams about playing in the Major League. If so, there are not many opportunities to establish self-confidence in the KBO League. When Ko leaves, LG must find a new finishing pitcher. Of course, considering Yeom Kyung-yeop’s style, in which 99 percent of his team finishes planning for the next season in the previous year, it should be considered that he already prepared a “Plan B.”

Kim Jae-yoon’s transfer to the FA is also a variable. Kim Jae-yoon is a 169-save closing pitcher in his career, and has made 30 saves for the last three consecutive years. Samsung, which has a weak bullpen, called for a proven closure for four years and 5.8 billion won. Apart from this, Samsung will continue negotiations for “living legend” Oh Seung-hwan to stay in the FA. If the two of them are in the same team at Samsung, they have to watch the traffic control eight to nine times just like Kiwoom does. However, negotiations between Samsung and Oh have not been easily concluded.

KT is certain that Park Young-hyun will fill Kim Jae-yoon’s vacancy. In terms of ball power, he is evaluated as the best setup man in all 10 teams in this season. However, he has a completely different finishing touch from a setup man. Whether Park Young-hyun will be able to secure his finishing position is an issue that can be linked to the future of Korean baseball.

As such, there are many variables in predicting the topography of pitchers who will finish the 2024 season. In terms of strength, LG and KT are expected to be the strongest teams in next year. However, there is a possibility that an inexperienced relief pitcher will take charge of both teams’ finishing touches.

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