The AG baseball team, who is in his 20s, has become the oldest…”Let’s be like family”

The Korean baseball team formed the best professional national team when it played the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. The result was gold again. However, as major countries such as Japan and Taiwan formed national teams centered on amateur players, the gold medal was virtually the same as the “main game.” During the Asian Games, the league had to stop and there was a lot of noise inside and outside the stadium due to the controversy over player selection.

In the end, KBO announced a plan to improve the operating system to strengthen the competitiveness of the national team, and said, “We will promote by selecting customized national team players according to the nature of major international competitions.” In a word, it was “Dae-hyuk.” In the case of international competitions hosted by amateurs, the age of professional participation will be limited for each competition to prepare for generational change of the national team as well as motivation for the team by selecting promising players. 토토사이트

Therefore, the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games national team formed its personnel under the age and annual limit (under 25 years old or under 4 years of joining) and the principle of selecting up to three people per team (including wild cards). In addition, three wild cards were included.

With the national team’s transformation, a player in his 20s became the “oldest.” Right-hander Park Se-woong (28, Lotte), who joined the Asian Games national team as a wild card, has become the “big brother” of the national team.

Park Se-woong held an interview with reporters at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, where a practice match with Sangmu will be held on the 26th, and talked about his determination to play in the Asian Games and the mindset and responsibility of the oldest.

Park Se-woong, who said, “I am participating in training with joy to join the national team,” said, “As the biggest brother of the team, I will lead the team well and return to good results.”

Expectations are already high on what kind of leadership he will show as the team’s oldest. Park Se-woong is also a player with extensive experience in international competitions, including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and this year’s World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team.

Park Se-woong, who said, “Everyone is so good and young, but they are thorough in their own sports,” said, “To take this opportunity to talk about it, now that we are gathered as a national team from each team, I hope we can have a family-like heart as a team.” He left a message to his juniors, saying, “If my brother is having a hard time, my brother helps me, and if my brother is having a hard time, I hope he becomes a national team that my brother helps me.”

Park Se-woong was the player who led South Korea to its first win at the WBC held in March, which was on the brink of two consecutive losses. As such, he showed strong performance in international competitions. Park Se-woong, who said, “I focused and threw every moment, and I felt a lot of responsibility as a national team member,” looked back on that time, saying, “I was a middle-aged man in WBC, but I thought that representing the country with the Taegeuk mark should have a lot of responsibility as a player.”

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