Why is the national baseball team belatedly going all-in to strengthen the lineup of ‘Objection Yoon Dong-hee Mystery

The Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team, led by head coach Ryu Joong-il, made a surprise change of entry on the 22nd, a day before the team was called up. KIA Tigers pitcher Lee Eui-ri was left out, and Lotte Giants outfielder Yoon Dong-hee was selected as a substitute.

In the previous entry change, the national team also selected pitcher Kim Young-kyu from the same team instead of NC Dinos pitcher Koo Chang-mo and Samsung Lions outfielder Kim Sung-yoon instead of Kiwoom Heroes outfielder Lee Jung-hoo. 온라인카지노

Excluding two pitchers and one fielder, he added one pitcher and two fielders. As a result, the number of pitchers decreased and the number of fielders increased.

Lee Jung-hoo and Koo Chang-mo, who were likely to be eliminated due to major injuries, were expected, but Lee Eui-ri is somewhat surprising. There were many voices of regret over Lee Eui-ri’s elimination from the national team, and there was controversy over the degree of injury, but the Power Enhancement Committee and the coaching staff judged that he was not in perfect condition.

The national team boldly gave up one pitcher, excluding Lee Eui-ri. At the same time, he strengthened his batting lineup by reinforcing the fielders.

Even before the national team announced the replacement of the entry, rumors circulated that it would “reduce one pitcher and fill one more fielder.”

Why did he decrease the number of pitchers and increase the number of fielders. The first reason is the outfield entry and Lee Jung-hoo’s injury departure, which had only three players.

When the final entry was announced, the national team set up an outfield entry with only three players: Lee Jung-hoo, Jihoon Choi and Choi Won-jun. Among the infielders, there were substitute players who could defend outfield, but it was true that there was a lack of professional outfielders. On top of that, Lee Jung-hoo, the core of offense and defense, was out for the season due to ankle surgery, creating a big hole.

The second reason is the stronger-than-expected ‘dark horse’ Taiwanese pitchers.

Taiwan included a large number of promising players playing in the U.S. minor league in the Asian Games national team. Five out of 10 pitchers are overseas and four are minor leaguers. The problem is that they are still playing at the top level of Double A and Single A, but they are “key prospects” that the club raises with effort.

They are pitchers with speeds exceeding 150 kilometers, and they also have good strikeout capabilities. It means that the game will be run. If Major League Baseball clubs are promising pitchers who are carefully cultivated, they are competitive in international competitions.

This is where Ryu Joong-il is most nervous. This is because Taiwan is also motivated by the Asian Games in mainland China and has set up its power.

In addition, pitchers have basic control over Japan, which has set up an entry with players from the baseball team, which is all society. The national team’s coaching staff, who has been watching key pitchers in Japan, said, “There are several pitchers with great pitching power. “I think Japan’s strength will be much stronger than the previous tournament,” he said, keeping his guard up.

In the end, in order for the Korean national team to achieve its goal of gold medal, it must “all-in” two teams, Japan and Taiwan.

Both teams have better pitching power compared to their offense, so Korea has to “hit” to win. In other words, the odds will increase only when the opposing pitchers are destroyed. Worries about unstable batters and poor outfielders eventually led to the conclusion that fielders were recruited instead of pitchers.

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