The things that you’ve done, all at once…Choi Joo-hwan → Kium, Kim Kang-min → Hanwha, A pitcher → Unnamed ‘Shocked 3 times’

The 2024 KBO second draft was held behind closed doors at The K Hotel in Yangjae-dong, Seoul on the 22nd. More big-time players were released than ever, attracting attention, and a total of 22 players from 10 clubs moved. 온라인경마

Among them, Choi Joo-hwan, who was nominated by Kiwoom as the first overall pick, Kim Kang-min, who was nominated by Hanwha at the end as the 22nd overall pick in the fourth round, and the unknown name of pitcher A in the Seoul metropolitan area were a series of surprises.

It was amazing from Kiwoom’s first choice of Choi Joo-hwan as the first overall pick. SSG, which is trying to reduce team salaries and replace generations with its salary cap full, was coveted by several teams when it excluded Choi Joo-hwan from the 35-member protection squad. It emerged as the biggest player in the second draft, but it was difficult to expect to be selected by Kiwoom.

Kiwoom, which finished at the bottom of the list this year, will have Lee Jung-hoo, its flagship hitter, advance to the U.S. Major League next season, while ace pitcher Ahn Woo-jin will also be out of the season due to rehabilitation following Tommy John surgery. With reconstruction inevitable, I didn’t know that Choi Joo-hwan, who receives 650 million won in annual salary next year, would be recruited by spending an additional transfer of 400 million won in the first round.

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