“Thiago Silva’s wife’s tremendous spending”…1.5 million won meal → “Simple”

The British media Daily Mail reported on the 8th (Korean time) that “Thiago Silva’s wife revealed the shocking amount of money spent at a luxurious restaurant in London after Chelsea’s 4-0 victory over Preston.” 슬롯사이트 순위

Chelsea beat Preston North End 4-0 in the second half alone, scoring four goals in the third round of the 2023/24 FA Cup at Stampford Bridge in London on Tuesday (Korea time). Chelsea has now secured three consecutive wins by winning this match.

After the match, Silva’s wife Isabel celebrated her victory in style by posting a photo of the restaurant’s receipt on social media. In her short post, it read: “Simple Family Dinner.” Silva and his family were dining at Novikov, a luxurious restaurant in London, when they ended up with a bill of £900.30 (W1.5 million).

The most expensive dishes the Silva family ordered at Novikov’s restaurant included a King Crab leg dish costing £95 (about 160,000 won) and a Peking duck dish costing £85 (about 140,000 won). Other dishes the Silva family seemed to eat together included King Crab, Salmon, deep-fried mackerel prawns, and Mochi selections.

While £900 can be a lot of money for a regular household, by Silva’s standards, that’s not the most money for an evening out. Notably, the Novikov restaurant Silva and his family have eaten requires a minimum order of £50 (W80,000) per person.

In another Instagram post, Silva’s wife Isabel shared a photo of Silva looking at a brightly lit phone screen while in the driver’s seat, according to the media. This is a violation of the law in the U.K. In the now-deleted social media post, Silva was seen briefly pulling out his phone at a red light.

Meanwhile, Thiago Silva said he had been dating his wife Isabel da Silva, a social media influencer, since 2004, but almost broke up after a year of dating. Silva contracted tuberculosis in 2005 while playing for Dynamo Moscow. Belle flew to Russia to join Silva, but intended to part ways with him.

Silva told SportsBuzz, “She was a minor, and she abandoned everything in Brazil and went to Russia. An interesting fact that little people know about is that she went there to end our relationship and things eventually changed. Of course, I didn’t know what was going to happen at that moment and only knew after a few years, but I was happy to meet her at a very difficult time in my life. At that moment, we became stronger as a couple.”

Bell added, “Russia, where we started our lives together, is a long way from our motherland and our family. We were very young and faced many challenges together. At the time, I never imagined that he would become the big player he is now, but we held out together and came this far with multiple victories in battles. This is definitely a time when we formed the partnership today.”

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